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Scotspine is a place where children love to learn. We thrive to create a stimulating and happy school environment.

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Every child deserves freedom. At Scotspine International School, every child has the freedom to learn, explore and excel in sports where a perfect learning environment is designed in a 5 acre lavish campus with ultra modern buildings and sports centre with international standards.

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Admissions - Scotspine International School

Experience a different level of School Education for the first time in VJA

  • Admission in school is restricted by certain government regulations and by conditions of age and ability.
  • Students will be enrolled in the class for which they are found eligible after screening the application for admission.
  • Admission in class-II and above will be granted only after the school leaving / transfer certificate (SLC / TC) from the previous school attended is presented.
  • The Principal reserves the right to refuse any admission without assigning any reason for such an action.


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At Scotspine, happiness, confidence and excellent personal achievement are our priorities.

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